Your business is growing and your podcast is the key component in your content strategy.

But you’re still doing all the things to manage your podcast, or you’re busy managing the process and people involved.

What if you could just focus on doing what you love the most: creating the content?

What if it was possible to achieve the high quality podcast that you are looking for without having the manage or do all of it yourself?

Embrace your CEO status and spend your time making your highest impact, and stop getting bogged down in the details of your content production.

The Shine Online Podcast Service will allow you to relax and know that your podcast is being handled with care from the moment you finish recording all the way to publishing to social media posting.

This full service support will free up your time, create consistency, and help increase your visibility.

The Shine Online Podcast Service includes the following:


  • Edit episodes
  • Write show notes
  • Extract quotes for social media and click-to-tweet options within blog post
  • Create graphics for podcast episode (3-6 per episode) to be used in post and on social media
  • Upload show notes to WordPress, format, and publish
  • Insert email opt-in on show notes
  • Create social copy for episode (3-4 platforms)
  • Schedule social media posts for episode
  • Upload audio file to podcast host
  • Upload show notes to podcast host
  • Schedule podcast for appropriate date
  • Create Wavve video with a clip from podcast
  • Draft email newsletter and prep for sending
  • Track stats and report monthly
  • Management of entire process (so you don’t have to worry about any of the details)

Service starts at $2,000 per month for full service podcast management & marketing.

Space is limited. If you are interested in working with us, please apply now.