Need someone to help you develop a strategy for social media, give you feedback on your website, or provide a plan on how to grow your email list?

I would love to help you! As a blogger and business owner myself, I understand the challenges of starting and running an online business or blog. With a strategic mind, a knack for tech, and a love for helping others, I can provide you with the feedback and tips you need to move forward.


Want to ensure you’re reaching your ideal customer or client with your website?

I’ll provide you with unbiased feedback about your website, including changes you can make to ensure that your message is clear.

In addition, I will provide you with practical tips to improve or change your site to more effectively reach your ideal customer.

After I’ve performed the audit, I’ll provide you with a video with my recommendations.


Cost: $49


Are you ready to increase traffic to your site using social media, build your email list, or refine your digital marketing plan?

In our 60-minute strategy session, we will do a deep dive into your business and make sure that you have a clear plan to move forward in the areas most important to you.

After our video call, I’ll provide you with a written report including the strategy we discussed and additional recommendations from me.


Cost: $125

Esther at Morningstar Media Services is a blessing to me as a small business owner.  She means it when she says she’s a true nerd; she delights in all the snippets of technical information that make my head spin!  She is focused, detailed, and works quickly.  

She’s great with communication, offering her own expertise as well as  wonderful insight into how I can work to improve my impact on my audience.  I highly recommend her as a gifted resource in taking your own business to the next level!

Angela Sackett

Owner, Sal et Lux

Stop wondering…

and start spending more time doing the things you LOVE in your business!

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